Is Cadbury KC registered with a full KC pedigree?

Yes, Cadbury is KC Registered. You will be given details of his KC pedigree as part of our mating service in the stud pack.

    What health tests and results does Cadbury currently hold?

    Cadbury has an impressive set of five clear DNA health tests each as detailed below, guaranteeing none of his offspring will be affected by prcd-PRA, FN, AON, AMS and DM.

    • DNA tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) – CLEAR
    • DNA tested for Familial Nephropathy (FN) – CLEAR
    • DNA tested for Adult Onset Neuropathy (AON) – CLEAR
    • DNA tested for Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS) – CLEAR
    • DNA tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) – CLEAR

    We can explain all his health testing to you fully and depending on your girl’s breed and any health testing she may have, we can also advise you about the DNA health of the planned and expectant litter as well.

      How much notice do I need to give when booking?

      Please contact us with as much notice as possible either with estimated season dates or even on the first day of your girl’s season. We can take bookings at short notice if needed and we will aim to help you with your breeding plans.

        When and how do I pay?

        Payment is due in full at the first successful mating which should be a cash payment. You will be given a receipt for the stud fee, photos of the stud, details of his KC pedigree and his health test results to show to your potential puppy owners.

          How much does it cost?

          Cadbury’s fee is £400 for all breeds. This includes up to two matings as detailed below.

            When do I bring my girl for mating?

            Generally mating around day 12 of a bitch’s season is the optimum time. The two matings can be booked for days 10 and 12, days 11 and 13, or days 12 and 14 of your girl’s season depending on your preference. Day 1 of her season is the first day your girl starts to bleed. Some owners may like to get ovulation testing done before they come to our home, but this is not essential for making a booking as Cadbury is proven therefore will know when a girl is ready for mating, so this is a personal choice.

              Will you travel to me for matings?

              Cadbury works extremely well within his home environment and general routine when a girlfriend visits, so we prefer for you to travel to us for the matings.

                Does Cadbury have large sized litters?

                Cadbury has sired large litters, however it’s actually the bitch that determines the size of the litter as it depends on how many eggs she has to be fertilised. The stud determines the sex of the litter and they both contribute to the colour, character, health and looks of the litter.

                  What if my girl doesn’t become pregnant?

                  In the highly unlikely event that your girl does not become pregnant, we can offer a free return mating as a goodwill gesture. Your girl must be ultrasound scanned by your vet or a canine pregnancy scanning professional at between day 28 and 35 after her first mating with certification provided that she’s not pregnant at this stage to book a return mating. It must be the same girl that is brought back on her next season and one mating will be offered for the return visit.

                    Can you offer any help or information as this is my first litter?

                    Yes, we have lots of experience and can offer you support and information regarding the mating, canine pregnancy, whelping and quality puppy care.

                      Are you a council licensed breeder?

                      We are a small experienced home breeder and we have a council breeding licence for our quality home breeding. We feel this gives visiting owners/breeders to our stud, their future puppy owners and our own future puppy owners the reassurance that we are fully checked and assessed by our local authority, plus have the appropriate care in place, ensuring our dogs, your visiting girl and future puppies welfare and care is of paramount importance to us.

                      Licence Holder: Jo Buck Dog
                      Licence Number: N-DOG54
                      Local Authority: Herefordshire
                      Expiry Date: March 2024

                        Can we contact you to ask some questions before we book?

                        Of course, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch using our contact form and we’ll aim to get back to you as quick as two wags of a dog’s tail.

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                        Arrange a Mating

                        To arrange a booking please complete the form below including estimated mating dates if possible please, or alternatively call or text 07527 237 408.

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                        Why health tests matter...

                        Health tests are extremely important for dogs being used for breeding. A dog with good health tests ensures forward knowledge of the DNA health profile of litters, which helps to prevent offspring being affected by various diseases and conditions that could affect their quality of life or even be fatal. Of course not all illnesses can be tested or ruled out, but various serious conditions can be with selected health tests.

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                        How to arrange a mating...

                        Please contact us either prior to or on your girls first day of her season to arrange a booking. We can be flexible when bookings are made and of course appreciate that season dates may only be approximate. Cadbury is not over used and therefore has adequate rest periods, however, we can take bookings at short notice if needed and we will aim to help you in any way we can with your general breeding plans.

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                        Get in touch...

                        If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to get in touch using our contact form and we’ll aim to get back to you as quick as two wags of a dog’s tail. So whether you need some general advice prior to breeding, perhaps already have a bitch that’s pregnant and need some additional help, or just want to make a comment or say ‘hello’ we’re really only a click away so please feel free to contact us!

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